Thomas Traceable Kangaroo Thermometer, 7.5" Probe Length, -58 to 572 degree F, -50 to 300 degree C

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Traceable Kangaroo?äó Thermometer carries the 42-inch probe-cable in a reel-compartment pouch in the back of the unit. Perfect carry-around unit fits in any pocket, or use the convenient flip-open stand. Intuitive, never-read-the-instructions operation allows every user to record identical results. Range is ?Çô58.0 to 572??F and ?Çô50.0 to 300??C with a resolution of 0.1?? (between ?Çô19.9 to 199.9) otherwise 1?? and an accuracy of ??1??C (between ?Çô30 and 250??C) otherwise ??2??C. Unit automatically captures and recalls minimum and maximum temperature readings over any time period. High and low alarm may be programmed in 1?? increments. Alarm sounds every minute until temperature returns to non-alarm condition. HOLD key freezes the display to record a current reading.
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